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Acoustic resonance in piping may lead to severe problems due to overstressing of components or significant losses of efficiency. Steady oscillatory flow can be induced by the pulsating flow introduced by compressors or may be set up by self-excitation related to pipeline geometry.

Flow Science has developed a digital simulation program for the acoustic study of compressors and piping systems. Working from piping drawings and equipment specifications, a complete numerical model of the system is created. The compressor flow is developed from design specifications and the complete pressure and flow response of the system are predicted as a function of compressor speed. Complex piping systems containing scrubbers, coolers, bottles and orifice plates are modeled and design recommendations are made to reduce acoustic vibration.

Our complete analyses satisfy API Standard 618 Design Approach 2 or 3 requirements as necessary.

Acoustic Resonance in Piping Systems Projects

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