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Bay Delta Estuary Modeling and Analysis

Flow Science is the custodian of the Fischer Delta Model which has the capability to model complex bay-estuary-channel systems.  It is used extensively for predicting salinity conditions in the Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta in California and can be used to predict flow patterns, as well as the dispersion of pollutants or tracers in any open channel network under tidal influence.  Flow inputs or withdrawals are allowed at nodes; gates and open water areas are modeled.

The code consists of two programs, one for determining flow patterns, the other for predicting pollutant or tracer (including salinity) dispersion.  The former model employs the method of characteristics on a network of channels; the latter uses the predicted flows as an input to a Lagrangian dispersion model.  Both models have been validated by extensive field testing in the Sacramento Delta.  The models are available for purchase by firms and agencies concerned with flow and dilution predictions in open channel networks and are currently in use by the California Department of Water Resources, California State Water Resources Control Board, the Bureau of Reclamation and Contra Costa Water District.  Flow Science has used the models in the following projects:

Analysis of the Effects of the Delta Wetlands Project on the Los Vaqueros Project

Sacramento River Delta, California

Bay and Delta Water Quality

California State Water Resources Control Board
San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Delta, California

CALFED Integrated Storage Investigation San Francisco Bay - Sacramento Delta

San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Delta, California

City of Pittsburgh Marina Expansion

Brown and Caldwell Engineers
Pittsburgh, California

Delta Modeling Study

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Delta, California

Port of Oakland Dredge Spoil Drainage

Harding Lawson Associates, and the Port of Oakland
Oakland, California

Process Cooling Water Outfall Operations

Chevron Refining
Richmond, California

Sacramento Wastewater Treatment Plant Discharge Studies

Brown and Caldwell Engineers, Carollo Engineers and the Sacramento County Regional Sanitation Distri
Sacramento River and Delta, California

San Luis Drain Operations Analysis

Westlands Water District
San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Delta, California

Suisun Marsh Duck Clubs

California Department of Water Resources
San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Delta, California

Westlands Water District/Water Supply Replacement Project

Jones & Stokes Associates, Inc./Westlands Water District
Sacramento Delta, California



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