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Flow Science Incorporated was formed by a group of graduate professional engineers to provide specialty consulting services for problems involving fluid motion and transport.  Since its establishment in 1983, Flow Science has successfully completed more than 1,700 projects in a variety of fields, including pipeline surge analysis, lake and reservoir water quality analysis, computational fluid dynamics, mixing and dispersion, and environmental hydraulics.

Key Personnel

E. John List, Ph.D., P.E. (CA, NV)

Dr. List is Principal Consultant of Flow Science and Emeritus Professor of Environmental Engineering Science at the California Institute of Technology.  He has over 50 years of experience as a consulting engineer, including 20 years of litigation support experience.

List's publications


Kristen Bowman Kavanagh, P.E. (CA, PA)

Ms. Bowman Kavanagh is President with expertise in computational fluid dynamics and reservoir modeling, as well as hydraulic and transient analysis.  She has extensive experience in the development, analysis, and quality assurance of the large data sets that are employed in modeling.

Li Ding, Ph.D. , P.E. (VA)

Dr. Li Ding is a Principal Engineer and is the technical lead for the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Surface Water Quality and Hydrodynamics groups.  He has expertise in CFD software to perform detailed flow analyses within water/wastewater storage and treatment facilities, to design baffles, alternative inlet/outlet configuration, and mixing systems for improving water quality.  He is also experienced in the use of the Stanford University Large Eddy Simulation (LES) model.  Dr. Ding has conducted numerous hydrodynamic and water quality studies of lakes, reservoirs, and estuaries using the one- and three-dimensional DYRESM ELCOM/CAEDYM model.  He is the author or co-author of serveral publications in referenced journals.

Mark Sauter, M.S., P.E. (CA, AZ, AR, HI, WA)

Mr. Sauter is a Principal Engineer and heads the Hydraulic and Transient Analysis group. He gained comprehensive experience in the planning, design, construction, and startup of wastewater treatment facilities while an employee for the City of Los Angeles and the County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County. His wastewater background serves as a specialized foundation for his applied experience in fluid flow analysis. With Flow Science he has been responsible for the modeling and analysis of hydraulic transients in pipeline systems as a result of loss of power to pump stations, pump startup, and control valve operations and performs surge analyses for both water and wastewater systems.

Gang Zhao, Ph.D., P.E. (CA)

As Principal Engineer, Dr. Zhao's field of specialization is fluid mechanics and water quality modeling. He has experience with CFD and water quality software, including ELCOM, UnTRIM AND DSM2. He also has experience in programming with FORTRAN, C, C++ and MATLAB, and in the GIS software ArcView. Dr. Zhao has primarily worked on hydrodynamic simulations of flows in rivers, estuaries, and coastal oceans, and analyses of wastewater discharge from diffusers. He also has experience in every step of the modeling process, including field data analysis, development and implementation of the computation model, and interpretation and presentation of simulation results.



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