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Studied effects of flow diversions and flow storage on water quality

Modeled bromide concentra-
tions over a 16-year period, and under 6 scenarios.

Results were used in CALFED's evaluation of long-term management options for the Delta.

CALFED Integrated Storage Investigation San Francisco Bay - Sacramento Delta

San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Delta, California

Flow Science used the Fischer Delta Model (FDM) to simulate water quality impacts that would result from major operational changes considered as part of the CALFED process. 

This study simulated the Delta water quality impacts that would result from implementation of a number of water storage options, including additional storage both north (2 MAF) and south (1 MAF) of the Delta.  The study also considered water quality impacts of a 4,000 cfs diversion from the Sacramento River at Hood. 

Total dissolved solids (TDS) and bromide concentrations were simulated, and modeling included the operation of barriers in the south Delta.  Results of the study were used in the evaluation of alternatives for the CALFED EIR process.



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