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Selected Publications of E. John List, Ph.D., P.E.

"A technique for smoothing river flows during hydro-electric power production," Water Resources Research, 7(6): 1437-1447, 1971 (with R.Tattle).

"Energy and the environment in Southern California," Engineering and Science, 35(2):14-17, 1971.

"A study on disposal of brine in an estuary," J. Water Polln. Cont. Fed., 45(11): 2335-2344, 1973 (with A. B. Pincince).

"Turbulent entrainment in buoyant jets and plumes," J. Hyd. Div., ASCE, 99(HY9): 1461-1474, September 1973 (with J. Imberger).

"Hydraulic modeling of thermal outfall diffusers - Interpretation of results," Proc. XVI IAHR Congress, Sao Paulo, Brazil, July 1975 (with R.C.Y. Koh).

"Variations in coastal temperatures on the Southern and Central California coast," J. Geophys. Res., 81(12): 1971-1979, April 1976 (with R.C.Y. Koh).

"Spreading of buoyant discharges," Proc. 9th Intern. Conf. Heat and Mass Transfer, Int. Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, 171-182, September 4, 1976 (with J.-C Chen).

"Plane turbulent buoyant jets - Part 1: Integral properties," J. Fluid Mech., 81(1): 25-44, June 9, 1977 (with N.E. Kotsovinos).

"Turbulent jets and plumes," Ann. Rev. of Fluid Mech., 14: 189-212, 1982.

"Formation of frontal waves in density-induced fluid spreading," Symposium on Flows in Stratified Fluids, ASME Winter Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, 1983.

"Monte Carlo simulation of particle coagulation in continuous size distributions, I: Brownian motion and fluid shearing," J. Fluid Mech., 143: 367-385, 1984 (with H.J. Pearson and I.A. Valioulis).

"Monte Carlo simulation of particle coagulation in continuous size distributions, II: Interparticle forces and the quasi-equilibrium hypothesis," J. Fluid Mech., 143: 387-411, 1984 (with I.A. Valioulis and H.J. Pearson).

"Numerical simulation of a sedimentation basin, I: Model development," Env. Sci. Tech., 18: 242-247, 1984 (with I.A. Valioulis).

"A numerical evaluation of the stochastic completeness of the kinetic coagulation equation," J. Atmos. Sci., 41(16): 2516-2529, 1984 (with I.A. Valioulis).




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