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Flow Science provides expertise and consulting services related to water quality evaluations and compliance, NPDES permitting, TMDL development and compliance, and strategic planning for water quality and policy issues. Through intensive involvement in a significant number of large-scale water quality problems, Flow Science has developed a deep understanding of the history and development of water quality regulations and related legal issues. In particular, Flow Science has comprehensive knowledge of the Clean Water Act, California's Porter-Cologne Act, and Water Quality Control Plans (Basin Plans) throughout the State. Flow Science has broad experience with both the technical and policy issues associated with NPDES permitting, evaluations of permit compliance, NPDES permit appeals to the SWRCB, and the triennial review process, and has worked extensively on issues arising from the California Ocean Plan and the California Thermal Plan. Specific projects are described below:

Design and management of special studies pursuant to the Los Angeles River metals TMDL

Los Angeles County, CA

Multiple projects related to indicator bacteria in receiving waters, their reliability as indicators of human health risk, and control strategies

Orange County, CA

Participation in the Advisory Committee for the development of Sediment Quality Objectives (SQO) convened by the State Water Resources Control Board

Los Angeles County, CA

Participation in TMDL processes within the Los Angeles Region

Los Angeles County, CA

Review of the Administrative Record for the Los Angeles Basin Plan

Los Angeles County, CA

Storm water analysis for industrial discharges in California and the Los Angeles Region

Los Angeles County, CA

Technical analysis and testimony in support of the Tosco NPDES permit appeal

San Francisco Bay, CA


Pasadena, CA     Philadelphia, PA     Harrisonburg, VA

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