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Turbulent Mixing & Dispersion Projects

Flow Science has an extensive background in the engineering applications of turbulent mixing and dispersion theory in the analysis and design of diffuser systems to meet NPDES standards in the coastal ocean, estuaries and rivers.  Specific discharge examples involving flows from 6,500 gpm to 840,000 gpm are provided below.

City of Laughlin, Water Recycle Discharge

Kennedy/Jenks/Chilton and Clark County Sanitation District
Las Vegas, Nevada

Feasibility Study for the Proposed Binational Desalination Project.

Baja California

Joint Water Pollution Control Plant Outfall Monitoring

Manhattan Beach, CA

Manhattan Beach Overflows

Manhattan Beach, CA

NPDES Permit Analysis, Pabst Brewery Outfall

Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, Pabst Brewery
Tumwater, Washington

Ocean Current Analysis

Marine Review Committee, Coastal Commission, State of California
Oceanside, California

Old River Discharge Field Tracer Study and Dilution Analysis

Carollo Engineers and the City of Tracy
Tracy, California

Sacramento River Dilution Analysis of the Effects of Treated Wastewater Discharged near Freeport, Ca

Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District
Freeport, California

Salt Pond Restoration, North San Francisco Bay

Cargill Corporation, California Department of Fish and Game
San Francisco, California

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, Cooling Water Outfall

Southern California Edison Company
Orange County, California

Seawater Cooling Discharge Relocation

Chevron USA
Richmond, California

Seawater Desalination at Encina

Carlsbad, CA

Seawater Discharge Diffuser Design

Chevron USA, Barber's Point, Honolulu, HI
Honolulu, Hawaii

Treated Wastewater Discharge Outfall

Chevron USA
El Segundo, California



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