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Lake & Reservoir Water Quality Analysis Projects

Flow Science has completed a significant number of projects related to water quality issues in reservoirs, lakes and rivers.  Some of these projects have employed the DYRESM model, a powerful tool for predicting reservoir mixing and destratifying requirements developed at the University of Western Australia and widely used throughout the world for reservoir water quality modeling; others have been analyzed using FLOWMOD, Flow Science's proprietary computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. 

A Reservoir Mixing System for Kaliwa Reservoir, Philippines

Manila Water Supply Project, Philippines and Montgomery Watson
Manilla, Philippines

Diamond Valley Reservoir Water Quality Modeling

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
Riverside County, California

Haiwee Reservoir Bubble Destratification Systems

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and Montgomery Watson
Los Angeles, California

Haiwee Reservoir Copper TMDL Study

Los Angeles Dept of Water & Power
Los Angeles, California

Hollywood Reservoir Modeling Study

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Hollywood, California

Lake Hodges and Olivenhain Reservoir Pumped Storage Operations

San Diego, CA

Lake Perris Hypolimnetic Oxygenation Study

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Lake Youngs Flow Regime Improvements

City of Seattle, Washington
Seattle, Washington

Los Vaqueros Reservoir Modeling Study

Contra Costa Water District
Contra Costa Country, California

Lower Stone Canyon and Encino Reservoirs Water Quality and Impact Evaluation

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Los Angeles County, California

Pumped Water Storage Reservoir

Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority
Brick, New Jersey

Sacramento River Outfall Discharges

Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant
Sacramento, California

Salt Pond Restoration

Cargill Corporation, California Department of Fish and Game
North San Francisco Bay, California

San Vicente Reservoir Expansion Modeling

San Diego, CA

San Vicente Reservoir Indirect Potable Reuse/Reservoir Augmentation Demonstration Project

San Diego, CA

San Vicente Reservoir Water Quality Analysis and Inlet Structure Design

San Diego County, California

Upper San Leandro Reservoir Destratification

East Bay MUD
Oakland, California

Use of ELCOM and CAEDYM for Water Quality Simulation in Boulder Basin

Black & Veatch
Las Vegas, Nevada



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