Flow Science Incorporated was formed by a group of graduate professional engineers to provide specialty consulting services for problems involving fluid motion and transport.  Since its establishment in 1983, Flow Science has successfully completed more than 2,000 projects in a variety of fields, including: 

  • new! Battery Power Surge Mitigation
  • Hydraulic Analysis
  • Pipeline Transients Analysis
  • Lake, Reservoir and Coastal Ocean Water Quality Analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Turbulent Mixing and Dispersion Analysis

Flow Science Continues to Lead the Industry as an Innovator in the Field of Hydraulic Surge Analysis

Building on its 38 years of experience successfully analyzing and developing innovative and effective solutions for the control of hydraulic surges and waterhammer, Flow Science is proposing a new and vastly superior approach to the control of waterhammer and pressure surges arising from pump operations:  The use of a Battery Power Surge Mitigation (BPSM) system that comprises a battery coupled with pump controls.  When the pump motor experiences a sudden loss of power, or when a pump is turned off for normal operation, the BPSM system senses the loss of power to the pump and the BPSM activates to provide power and control as needed to initiate a slow, controlled ramp-down of the pump and avoid generating hydraulic surges, water hammer and vapor cavity formation.

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To discuss how Flow Science can assist with the development of a BPSM system for your application contact Vice President Mark Sauter, P.E. at msauter@flowscience.com or telephone (626) 304-1134.

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