hydraulic analysis Projects

Since 1983 Flow Science has completed several hundred projects related to the hydraulic analysis of water distribution, pumping, and wastewater collection systems. We have significant experience in preventing hydraulic transients, solving pump vibration and cavitation problems, and providing innovative solutions for flow optimization. A representative list of experience is provided here:


City of Phoenix, AZ

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

Santa Margarita Water District, Santa Margarita, CA 

City of Portland, OR 

City of Portland, OR

City and County of San Francisco Wastewater Department, San Francisco, CA 

East Bay MUD, Oakland, CA 

Hotel Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV 

Orange County Sanitation District, Fountain Valley, CA 

City of San Diego, Point Loma, CA   

United Utilities Water PLC., Warrington, United Kingdom