• 52+ miles of 12 ft diameter pipeline and tunnels with a design flow rate of 1100 cfs.
  • Pump station with twelve 175 cfs pumps.
  • Two pressure control structures with six 42-inch butterfly valves and seven 36-inch sleeve valves.

Inland Feeder / Diamond Valley Reservoir Project Hydraulic and Transient Analysis

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, CA

Flow Science performed detailed hydraulic and transient analyses for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s Inland Feeder and Diamond Valley Reservoir Project.Hydraulic analysis of the system involved the delivery of flow via pumps and/or gravity to the proposed reservoir, proposed forebay, and the Colorado River Aqueduct.Using in-house transient analysis programs NETWORK and SURGE, Flow Science evaluated the surges in the system due to the operation of the pump/turbine units, pressure control structures, in-line flow control valves, and a 16 ft slide gate at the inlet/outlet tower.

The Inland Feeder portion of the system crossed the San Andreas Fault at two locations, requiring an analysis of the transients resulting from rupture of the pipeline at the fault.