• Pipeline lengths up to 70 miles and 108 inches in diameter with total capacity in excess of 1800 cfs.
  • Pump stations, hydro, flow and pressure control facilities, end user turnouts, and water storage facilities.
  • Numerous transitions between pressure and open channel flow.

San Diego County Water Authority Second Aqueduct

San Diego County Water Authority
San Diego County, CA

Flow Science has performed hydraulic and transient analyses for extensive sections of the San Diego County Water Authority’s Aqueduct No. 2, including Pipelines 6, 4, 5 Extension I and II, and 2A for numerous flow scenarios. These pipelines, in combination with Aqueduct No. 1, supply most of San Diego County with both raw and treated water.The hydraulic analysis involved the modeling of the Authority’s Second Aqueduct from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s supply source to the eventual end users, a distance of up to 70 miles. The programs also were able to determine sections of open channel flow occurring within the system.

In-house transient analysis programs NETWORK and SURGE were used to analyze the waterhammer and surges resulting from the operation of pump stations, user turnout flow control valves, and hydro, flow, and pressure control facilities. Mitigation measures were then designed to eliminate the potential for damage to the system as a result of the surges.