• 90,000 acre-ft reservoir in San Diego County, CA.
  • Designed and supervised a field study of the flow patterns within the reservoir.
  • Designed a new inlet structure and formulated a reservoir operation plan.

San Vicente Reservoir Water Quality Analysis and Inlet Structure Design

San Diego County Water Authority

San Diego, CA 

Flow Science was involved with a conceptual study to maximize water quality and health protection for a project to inject re-purified water into San Vicente Reservoir. Flow Science designed and supervised an extensive field study that detailed the flow patterns within the reservoir throughout the year.Through the use of advanced modeling software, Flow Science designed a new inlet structure and formulated a reservoir operational plan that limits hydraulic short circuiting – a major health concern expressed by the Department of Health.Flow Science also assisted in designing a hypolimnetic oxygenation system for aerating the deeper waters in the reservoir. The oxygenation system is expected to lead to improved water quality.