• Complex system of wells, booster pumps, and a water treatment plant.
  • 11,700 gpm process flow rate.
  • Recommended surge tank and vacuum valves.

Sawgrass Water Treatment Plant Transient Analysis

City of Sunrise, FL

The Sawgrass Water Treatment Plant (WTP) operates within a complex system of wells and booster stations. The system includes six source wells (each rated at 2500 gpm and 150 ft TDH) that pump raw water through approximately 4 miles of 30-inch diameter pipeline to booster feed pumps (rated at 3900 gpm and 215 ft TDH) at the inlet to the WTP. Concentrate from the WTP is pumped (pumps rated at 2600 gpm and 70 ft TDH) to a field of injection wells (3000 ft deep) through approximately 900 ft of 20-inch diameter pipe. The treated water is discharged to a storage facility. There is also 16-inch bypass line that connects the discharge side of the booster feed pumps to the concentrate system.An analysis of the operation of the Sawgrass WTP, associated wells and booster pump stations was performed to evaluate the pressure surges generated in the raw water and concentrate pipelines. The surge analysis predicted that pressures from pump power failure would result in vapor pressure conditions in the upstream raw water pipeline and near vapor pressure conditions in the downstream concentrate pipeline.

Four 4-inch vacuum relief valves were recommended for installation on the raw water pipeline and a 1500 gallon surge tank was recommended for installation downstream of the concentrate pumps in order to prevent vapor pressure conditions in the pipelines.